Attention !!

I have a new rules (term of service and agreement) on my blog for today and so on.. So, please spend some time to READ this CAREFULLY before you download or purchase my theme!!

1. Almost all of my themes are free ONLY for my loyal Twitter AND Instagram followers 

2. Almost all of my files will be password protected. I’m so sorry I have to do this to protect and prevent my creation stolen from THIEF somewhere out there. (*my new files will be link password protected, for more info click HERE)



Link Password

As you all know, I use tusfile to store my themes. It has a new term when you click link to download file, you have to insert “LINK PASSWORD”. I think this new term is really good especially for me. So that unfollower and new comer won’t download my theme then leave. All you have to do is ask me for the link password.

Link password will exhange my theme password. So, for now and so on my theme will not be password protected. Snow lockscreen will be the last theme with password protected and also with link password.

Link password will not post it here like my theme password because people only ask for it then leave

Anyway thank you for my loyal followers, you deserve my free themes in the future 🙂

Any question about this new term, just LINE me 🙂

Theme Password

Recently there is my follower who asked most of my passwords theme. As I’m also not always online. I feel difficult to type password one by one.  So I decided to make a list of my passwords theme. So that you can see the password by your self. I will make the post in password protected. All you have to do is LINE me to ask for the post password. for now and so on I will only give you my post password. It will update regularly when there is a new theme. Go HERE to see my post passwords theme

Hello Kitty Christmas Wallpaper

Hi Hello Kitty Lovers… I made a simple wallpaper for lockscreen, homescreen and loading screen during Christmas season. There are snow, It will animated on your lockscreen.. For you who haven’t upgrade to ios 7, you can use it very well on iphone 4, 4s, 5 ipod 4, 5… Let’s take a look at the screenshot below: Read More =>

Downgrade Instagram Version

Hello Hello Kitty Lovers, I have a good news for you who love using theme for your idevice. I just found my instagram older version before apple launched IOS 7. The latest instagram now also has ads and I know you don’t like it. It’s really bored when instagram can not be fully themed using the latest version especially for you who bought theme from themer. Read More =>